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Showcase the diversity and inclusivity of the NFL by bringing together the shared passion for music and football by current NFL Latino players and emerging NEON16 music artists.


The NFL and NEON16 joined forces in an incredible creative endeavor. The venture consists of an exclusive multimedia series produced by Ntertain Studios showcasing music from NEON16's artists and producers. The season's debut collaboration highlights Dominican superstar RMAND and the Miami Dolphins' Braxton Berrios.


The partnership consisted on the release of a biweekly three-part content series on YouTube throughout September and exclusively debuting RMAND's single "Nivel #0B" as part of the campaign. Social media initiatives involved collaborations between artists and the NFL Network engaging fans in real-time including a NEON16 tailgate coinciding with the Dolphins' home opening game, featuring a dynamic fusion of sports and music.


  • 266.8M impressions through PR/Comm
  • NEON16 NFL SHOP SPOT: 1.38M+ total reach
  • 330K+ streams on spotify
  • 5.8M+ Video impressions
  • 200K impressions across socials
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