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C/O production

Shiri Fauer is a European Born Professional & has been on set for over 2 decades, covering all genres of motion picture productions and still photography editorials & campaigns. Transitioning into a Producer role came via several of her clients requesting to arrange production logistics.

In 2014, while Shiri already owned two successful businesses in other fields, she teamed up with renowned Film and Music Video Directors and later major Advertising agencies & Production Companies worldwide. As an EP & producer, Shiri has made an exceptionally good rapport with national & international clients and directors alike.

Covering Multi genre Markets with Production spanning from smaller photo & Motion Content to seven figure budgets, Shiri Fauer is now a go to for major brands such as: Rolls Royce NA, Warner Recording Group, Universal Music Group, Conde’ Nast, Hearst, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Nikon, Leica, Cigarette Racing, Coca Cola companies, Dr. Brandt Laboratories to name a few. Her more recent awards include A 2020 MTV VMA win for MGK “Bloody Valentine” Music video Production.
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